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Wooden Venetian Blinds

Basswood, a pale coloured soft wood, native to east-central North America is an excellent choice for covering a window in a stylish versatile way. It provide a wide range of privacy while capturing the tranquillity of light coming in. Having the blinds completely open gives you virtually uninterrupted view while partially closed. It provides soft light and stillĀ allowing you to see outside. To finish it off, it comes with a wooden valance.

The wooden slats are kiln dried to prevent warp-age and splitting, then stained or painted in a wide range of colours. The stained blinds is finished off with a UV Shield protector. This leave you with a very durable product of high quality. Still it must be remembered that it is a natural product that can warp and fade. Warping is mostly found in extremely humid/wet areas although also in extreme heat. Fading is more experienced with darker colours in very sunny windows.

Plaswood Venetian (PVC):

Plaswood is a technological breakthrough combining plastic and wood, creating a natural feel to your environment. There are various colours available. Compared to Basswood it has a higher tolerance to moist and humid surroundings ideally suited for bathrooms, kitchens and other very humid/wet conditions. HIGH HEAT Plaswood with a transparent crystallized compound is available for those windows facing Africa’s harsh sunlight.