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Bamboo, Jute, Reed & Grass

Bamboo Venetian:

Most bamboo is grown in South China, where there is a lot of rain. Bamboo will grow to harvest-able size in 4 years. This makes it a very desirable eco-friendly product coming in an exciting colour range and being more tolerable to humidity and heat than Basswood.

 Procedure to manufacture bamboo slats: The bamboo poles are harvested and the green bamboo’s “skin” is removed. They are cut into long strips which are laminated together to form boards. These boars are kiln dried before being cut to desired lengths. Once done they are sanded smooth and stained before being coated with a UV protection.

Bamboo Blinds:

Bamboo Blinds mostly imported from Asia is nature at it’s finest, it has both a functional role and fashionably ethnic appeal. Traditional styling meets the versatility of natural wood and bamboo and brings a tough, lightweight and flexible quality for making quite a statement in any room. Textures abound with various options.